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Medical Icons

In my Advanced Graphic Design class our next project is create a series of 3 medical icons that symbolize three different branches of medicine and that work together visually. The ultimate goals of the assignment are to explore the underlying meaning of an image and how to graphically express it in as minimal a way as possible, and to visually relate different symbols to create a cohesive family.

To start the project I collected images of each of my branches of medicine and viewing them together I tried to find the visual connection between the three.

My three branches of medicine are Family Medicine, Gerontology, and Podiatry. The visual connection between Family Medicine and Gerontology were the easiest to connect. Problems arose in trying to connect Podiatry to the other two. So I ended up actually working backwards from Podiatry to connect all three. All three medical icons have feet in the icon. After finding this connection my next goal was to simplify the image of the feet for each branch. Again, Family Medicine and Gerontology were the easiest to simply, and Podiatry proved the hardest.

After some advice from my professor I was finally able to come up with a solution that made Podiatry separate and yet connected to the other two branches of medicine, but I am still working on it. For now there are two versions of my Podiatry my icon.

Below are my three medical icons. The color and text for each icon is up for debate until I meet with my professor on Wednesday.




Surgical Sketching

It is several weeks into the new semester, and a class that I have been really enjoying so far this semester has been my surgical illustration class. Within this class we are able to go into the operating room and view surgeries. At first it was really daunting to think that I was going to be able to view and sketch from live surgery. I was really nervous viewing my first surgery, but luckily I was in an operating room with a very nice surgeon. I felt at first that my quick sketching skills have severely dwindled, but as time passed I was able to get into the groove of drawing the surgery. My sketches have progressively been improving with each surgery that I view.

I have viewed a Modified Radical Mastectomy of the Left Breast, a Left Open Lung Biopsy, a Left Above Knee Amputation, an Umbilical Hernia Repair with Circumcision on a Child, and a Left Ileofemoral Endarterectomy. Below are my sketches from these surgeries.




Lung Biopsy


Left Leg Amputation



Umbilical Hernia Repair


Ileofemoral Endarterectomy