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Molecular Pharmacology

In my clinical sciences class my last project is to create an illustration of a G protein-coupled receptor (GPCR). How I choose to illustrate the GPCR is completely up to me. GPCR’s comprise a large protein family of trans membrane receptors that sense molecules outside the cell and activate inside signal transduction pathways and, ultimately, cellular responses. I decided to choose a GPCR from the protein data bank and create a 3D scene.

So this the scene that I have come up with. It still needs some work to be complete, but I like it so far.



2.5D Animation

As an exercise in my Advanced ImagingĀ  class we had to take the molecular landscape that we created in Computer Visualizations last semester and create a small 2.5D animation in Adobe After Effects. A 2.5D animation is taking 2D images or photographs and making them appear as if they are in 3D space. Each piece of our landscape had to be on its own layer. A problem that arose was the fact that I did not save each layer individually. So, I had to go back into 3ds Max and render the different pieces of my landscape. From there I brought the pieces back into Photoshop and place them how I wanted them. Once I was completely done with my composition I imported my Photoshop file into Adobe After Effects.

For me working in Adobe After Effects was trail and error. I watched a few tutorials, but I was still frustrated at times. I learned a lot through my frustrations and errors, and I am happy with my small 2.5D animation. Please click on the link below to view my animation.

2.5D Molecular Landscape Animation

Surgical Instruments Completed

I have finally completed all three of my surgical instruments for my surgical orientation class. So below is my retractor, Adson forceps, and my gloved hand holding a pair of scissors. The gloved hand had its own trials to over come in trying to make the hand look like it had a glove, and not including too many wrinkles that would make it look baggy. Overall, I like how each surgical instrument turned out.

Anatomy Zine

As a class we have decided to create an Anatomy zine. For those who may not know a zine is a small magazine of a collection of work. I’m excited to be able to participate in the creation of a small magazine that not only is anatomy themed, but showcases all of the hard work we have been doing in grad school. Our first issue is to be organ themed, in black and white, and in any design we desire. I decided to do a pancreas and ribbon in honor of my mother who is fighting pancreatic cancer.

Surgical Instruments

For my Surgical Orientation class we have to illustrate three surgical instruments of our choosing. Of the three instruments one has to be in a foreshortened view, one must include a gloved hand, and the last must be an instrument that has a box lock in a three-quarter view. I have chosen to illustrate Adson forceps, a retractor, and a pair of scissors. So far I have done the forceps, and the retractor. I just need to get a pair of gloves to do my pair of scissors with a gloved hand.

Polycystic Kidney Complete

I have finally completed my polycystic kidney project for my advanced imaging techniques class. Once I completed my polycystic kidney in Mudbox I exported my model into 3ds Max. In 3ds Max one of the goals was to try as best as possible to make our models look the same as they did in Mudbox. The other goal was to render our scene in layers so that we could reconstruct it in Photoshop, and make it look the same. Within photoshop I was able to exaggerate, tone down or create any effects I chose. So below is the final version of my project in the form of a poster.