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Hagfish Illustration Completed

I have completed rendering my hagfish illustration in Photoshop for my independent study. I had a lot of fun doing this project, and learning about the hagfish. My next illustration will be of a zebrafish.



Dragon Head Complete

I have finally completed painting, rendering, and compositing my dragon head. The painting and rendering I completed in ZBrush. I learned several different techniques of painting, creating brushes, and adding texture through the Introducing ZBrush 4 book. I composited my different render layers within Photoshop. There are some areas that are a little too dark, and I will fix that at some point in the future. Overall, I am incredible happy with first go at creating a dragon.


Dragon Head

As an exercise in my ZBrush independent study I am modeling a dragon head. It has been very fun modeling this dragon head, and I have learned a lot of different features that ZBrush has in its arsenal. I know do know though that I have barely exposed the tip of the iceberg in learning all that I can about ZBrush. I will be painting and rendering my dragon head in ZBrush at a later date as I move on to modeling a hagfish, and a mouse heart.

Dragon Head

Hearts for Valentines Day

I created these two hearts for the Anatomical Love show that was on held February 8th. This show showcased a mix of our graduate student class work or work that we did on our own. The show was great and  it is always fascinating to me to see the kinds of things my classmates create outside of class. Everyone is so talented. The theme of the show was hearts because of valentine’s day coming up. I decided to paint two hearts. One being a human heart and the other a sea squirt heart, which is the current focus of my research.

Human Heart Sea squirt Heart

Hagfish Illustration

I am currently working on creating an illustration of a hagfish and its heart as part of one of my independent study projects. I really wanted to showcase the mouth of the hagfish since it is both very creepy and cool. The hagfish is drawn in forced perspective so the front of its body is larger than the back of its body. I have finalized my sketch, but I am still working on painting the hagfish. Below is both my final sketch of my hagfish and the color illustration after working on it for the past two days. The color illustration is not finished yet, and still requires a good amount of work to be completed.

Hagfish Sketch   web_Hagfish_Final-2

Figure Drawing

A couple of new figure drawings from the session we had this past Monday.