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Texturing in 3ds Max

My Computer Visualization class continues to be very fun and frustrating. This past Monday I learned about texturing in 3ds Max. There are so many different ways in which you can render an object, and the means to which to accomplish those ways. So my in-class project was to texture my red blood cell that I created a couple of weeks ago. I have 3 different versions of the red blood cell. The first was a tutorial that my teacher provided to give the feeling of a red blood cell under an Scanning Electron Microscope. The second was an online tutorial which was a totally different from the way that my professor showed us, and brings in the element of a background.

The last one is a red blood cell of my own creation. I took a mix of both my professor and the online tutorial and created what you see.


3D Modeling in 3ds Max

These are a few examples of working in 3ds Max in my Computer Visualization class. I have had a lot of fun making each of the following 3D models. Each of them presented a unique approach to completing them, but I always had to refer back to the basics.


Typography in Graphic Design

For my first assignment in graphic design I had to create six unique page compositions using type provided to me by my professor. The goal of the project was to look at the type not in terms of the letters or words, but asĀ  abstract compositional elements. I had absolutely so much fun working on this assignment. It reminded how much I enjoyed typography when I took it at Winthrop University. There were a vast number of ways of completing this project. I saw so many interesting and unique compositions created by my classmates. Here are two of the designs that I came up with that I really liked.

Illustration Techniques

In this class I will be learning how to do a variety of media mainly using adobe photoshop, adobe illustrator, and corel painter. For my first project I am creating a line illustration of an anatomical subject my choosing for a college audience. I have chosen to illustrate the pancreas and its blood supply. I am to complete this project using either traditional pen and ink, or using one of the mentioned programs to mimic the technique. I plan on trying to work both traditionally and using the computer.

It has been several years since I last attempted to use pen and ink, but I find that I really like it. Using pen and ink requires patience and working slowly. I have had several frustrating attempts and mishaps over the past few days in just practicing. The following illustrations are exercises in getting used to working traditionally, and my thinking process of how I will arrange my project.


New Semester

I am officially two weeks into my second semester here at the Univeristy of Illinois at Chicago. Within these past two weeks I already know that I will be very busy this semester. So far I am enjoying all of my classes, though I would prefer not to be taking some online classes. I see the necessity and relevance of them, but I have come to find that I prefer to learn in a classroom setting.

I am very excited to be taking an Illustration Techniques class this semester. I’m looking forward to learning a variety of techniques that I can apply to my drawings. Another class that I am really enjoying right now is my Computer Visualization class. In this class I am learning how to use 3ds Max. It has been both fun and frustrating so far, but by in large I really fun.

My goal this semester is to use my time more efficiently, and to approach each project and assignment with an open mind.