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Computer Visualization: Knee Model Completed

I have finally completed the second assignment in my Computer Visualization class. Again, this assignment was divided into three parts. The first part was to realistically model and paint the knee. The second part was to create an ink drawing of the knee with the popliteal artery. And lastly, to create an x-ray of the knee. Each part of this assignment was done in 3ds Max. The only time that I have worked outside of 3ds Max was on my x-ray, which was to add the outline of the leg itself.

The lighting arrangement for my realistic render took me a little while to figure out. I had originally set up my light source without a background scene, and loved the way the lighting was. Once I placed my blue background I did not like it as much. So after some playing around I came to my final solution which I do like.

I am proud of myself that I was able to get everything basically done within a weeks time. The most time-consuming part of this project was the UV mapping that I had to do in order for me to be able to paint on my knee model. I learned very quickly what I like and do not like when going through the process of UV mapping.

Overall I had fun working on this project and I like the way everything has turned out.


New Exercise in Photoshop

In my Illustration Techniques class our latest exercise in photoshop was to recreate an original Max Brodel illustration. The goal of the exercise is to see how traditional techniques can be recreated through a computer, and to experience and learn the ways in which Max Brodel may have worked. If you notice my illustration says A. Horn which stands for Augustus Horn. I mistakenly picked an illustration that was by him and not Max Brodel, but I still learned a lot and had fun working on this project.

This is my recreation

This is the original Augustus Horn Illustration

Graphic Design

In my Graphic Design class our last assignment was to create a concept communication piece. We were given a choice of five article to choose from, and the freedom to create the piece in whatever form that we desired. I decided on an article that spoke about laughter enabling a person to become a better creative problem solver. The format in which I chose to create my communication piece was a poster. I created two different concepts for this project, and though I do like both of them I prefer the second concept. The images that I used I obtained and other places. So you may see logos or a pixelated image due to me increasing the size of the image.

Please click on the links below to view the images.

Concept 1

Concept 2

Computer Visualization: Second Assignment-Knee Model

In my Computer Visualization class we have started our second assignment which is divided into three parts. First we are to realistically recreate and render the human knee, then create an ink drawing of the knee with its blood supply, and lastly create a realistic looking x-ray image all within 3ds Max. We were given the MRI scans of a female knee which we imported into a program called Mimics to construct a 3D representation of the knee. Using Mimics was very interesting. I find it fascinating that you can create a 3D model out of MRI scans that are done in very small sections. After creating our 3D model it was imported into 3ds Max. Before we can do anything to the knee model we had to place UV maps onto each bone. The UV mapping proved to be rather frustrating and at times complicated, but in the end I was able to figure out the easiest way to do all the UV mapping.

The following image is the beginning of  the realistic render of my own knee model. I still have work to do on it to make it look more realistic, but I am having fun working on it so far.

Assignment 2: Illustration Techniques Completed

Here is my final illustration for my second assignment in my Illustration Techniques class. Through the critique on Tuesday there are a few things that I need to work on the improve my illustration. The layout of my composition itself needs some work, and I have a few ideas that I will try out to improve it. Since I am going home soon I think I will take reference photos, and drawings of my family in the various positions required for this operation. I know that this will help me out a lot more than just watching videos and trying to draw from them. My undergrad professor always used to tell me that a good reference helps out tremendously for every illustration.