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The end of anatomy

Monday was the official last day of gross anatomy lecture and lab. Today we had a practice practical for the final practical that will be on friday. I’m happy and yet sad that my gross anatomy class is over. I will not miss the hours of studying and reading, but I will miss dissecting. It was so fascinating to learn and see the very things that make the body work. That experience itself to me was worth it all.

I will forever grateful to all the people who donated their bodies for the sake of increasing the knowledge of others.


Completed Complex Concept Project

Here is the final version of my complex concept project. I had fun doing this project, especially rendering the small larva. I had more trouble in trying to decide how to place everything on the page then I did on doing the rest of the project. Overall, I like how the finished design came out.

In progress Complex Concept project

This is the beginning of my second assignment for my instructional design class. I decided to illustrate the life cycle of the green-banded broodsac. I have been working in adobe photoshop. This project has proven to require more work than I initially thought, and I have more to do for my project to look more presentable, but I do like what I have so far.

Assignment four finished

Here is the final version of assignment four. I enjoyed doing this project mainly because of the chance I had to draw from a live model. Learning  how thoracic and abdominal organs line up within the body in relation to the skeleton and all the planes of the body was very interesting. I can really see how in any drawing that requires internal organs, a drawing of the basic skeleton can help in correctly placing each organ.

Painting: Birthday Flowers

This morning I decided that I wanted to paint the roses that my mom sent to me. It has been a while since I have painted anything, but I really enjoyed just taking some time to paint for my own pleasure.

Now that I have this painting, even when the flowers eventually wither and die I will have something to remind me of her gift to me. 

Birthday Celebration and Brain Cake

So last night I celebrated my birthday with the ladies in my graduate program. We went to a live jazz bar which was really nice. That was my first time listening to live jazz. I really enjoyed it, and I would love to go again.

This brain cake was made by Amie, and it was delicious. She even put the type of candles on the cake that don’t easily blow out. So it took me a while to blow out all the candles. The cake it self got a lot of attention from random people who came into the building, which I just found hilarious. I wonder if any of the people who saw the cake realized it’s in the shape of a brain.

All in all I had a great time last night and I appreciate everyone who helped me celebrate my birthday.

At this point about half of the cake was already eaten.

Birthday Flowers!

Today is my birthday!!!! My mom sent me a bouquet of red roses that totally caught me off guard, but made me very happy. I’ve been getting happy birthday text and calls all day. Of course, my dad was the first one to call me early this morning. I am truly blessed and thankful to God to have my family, so many good friends, and another year of life. I can’t believe that I’m another year older already.