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Hearts for Valentines Day

I created these two hearts for the Anatomical Love show that was on held February 8th. This show showcased a mix of our graduate student class work or work that we did on our own. The show was great and  it is always fascinating to me to see the kinds of things my classmates create outside of class. Everyone is so talented. The theme of the show was hearts because of valentine’s day coming up. I decided to paint two hearts. One being a human heart and the other a sea squirt heart, which is the current focus of my research.

Human Heart Sea squirt Heart


New Exercise in Photoshop

In my Illustration Techniques class our latest exercise in photoshop was to recreate an original Max Brodel illustration. The goal of the exercise is to see how traditional techniques can be recreated through a computer, and to experience and learn the ways in which Max Brodel may have worked. If you notice my illustration says A. Horn which stands for Augustus Horn. I mistakenly picked an illustration that was by him and not Max Brodel, but I still learned a lot and had fun working on this project.

This is my recreation

This is the original Augustus Horn Illustration

Painting: Birthday Flowers

This morning I decided that I wanted to paint the roses that my mom sent to me. It has been a while since I have painted anything, but I really enjoyed just taking some time to paint for my own pleasure.

Now that I have this painting, even when the flowers eventually wither and die I will have something to remind me of her gift to me.