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Updated Medical Icons

These are my updated medical icons from the small critique that we had in class today. I have to agree that the changes were necessary. It has been very interesting seeing how these icons developed from a vague concept to the finished product. Images and ideas that did not at first seem relevant actually helped in the development process in the end. Overall, I really like the way that my medical icons came out.


Medical Icons

In my Advanced Graphic Design class our next project is create a series of 3 medical icons that symbolize three different branches of medicine and that work together visually. The ultimate goals of the assignment are to explore the underlying meaning of an image and how to graphically express it in as minimal a way as possible, and to visually relate different symbols to create a cohesive family.

To start the project I collected images of each of my branches of medicine and viewing them together I tried to find the visual connection between the three.

My three branches of medicine are Family Medicine, Gerontology, and Podiatry. The visual connection between Family Medicine and Gerontology were the easiest to connect. Problems arose in trying to connect Podiatry to the other two. So I ended up actually working backwards from Podiatry to connect all three. All three medical icons have feet in the icon. After finding this connection my next goal was to simplify the image of the feet for each branch. Again, Family Medicine and Gerontology were the easiest to simply, and Podiatry proved the hardest.

After some advice from my professor I was finally able to come up with a solution that made Podiatry separate and yet connected to the other two branches of medicine, but I am still working on it. For now there are two versions of my Podiatry my icon.

Below are my three medical icons. The color and text for each icon is up for debate until I meet with my professor on Wednesday.



Pajama Run Design Competition

I decided to participate in a poster contest for a 5K run/walk in Charleston, SC. The name of the run/walk is called the Pajama Run. It is a run to fundraise and raise awareness for cancers that occur below the waist. This contest is hosted by Knology. This is my second time participating in this contest and I really enjoyed thinking up ideas for my design.

Cold EEZE Package Redesign Completed

I have finally completed my package redesign. I did not go with my initial concepts. I came up with a third concept that came about in my thinking of how cold medication is presented on television today. I thought of the mucinex and the toe fungus commercials that have animated characters to represent the desired effect of the medication. So I created my own cold virus character. In total I created six different looking cold viruses to place on my package. I really enjoyed creating these different little characters, and I like this design the best out of the three.

Here are my cold viruses.

Here is the finished design of the package.

Cold-EEZE Package Redesign

For our last assignment in Graphic Design we are redesigning a package. We were allowed to choose any package as long as it has some medicinal or medical purpose. I chose to redesign the Cold-EEZE package. I honestly did not know where to begin with redesigning this package. To begin brainstorming I started by picking a group of words that meant relief from a cold, and what that relief can bring me. My words were soothing, comfort, relief, and freedom. Under each word I chose colors and images that those words evoked in my mind. From this initial brainstorming I created these two concepts.

Graphic Design

In my Graphic Design class our last assignment was to create a concept communication piece. We were given a choice of five article to choose from, and the freedom to create the piece in whatever form that we desired. I decided on an article that spoke about laughter enabling a person to become a better creative problem solver. The format in which I chose to create my communication piece was a poster. I created two different concepts for this project, and though I do like both of them I prefer the second concept. The images that I used I obtained and other places. So you may see logos or a pixelated image due to me increasing the size of the image.

Please click on the links below to view the images.

Concept 1

Concept 2

2nd Illustration Techniques Assignment

This is the beginning of my second assignment for my Illustration techniques class.  For this assignment I have to create a series of illustrations, 3 steps minimum, depicting a diagnostic or therapeutic medical process or non-surgical procedure. I decided to depict an Esophagogastroduodenoscopy. The word is a mouthful to say, but it is also known as an Upper endoscopy or a Gastroscopy. I have gone through different versions of orienting my steps on the page and so far I like this setup. Once I talk with my professor and get feedback from him and my classmates I will make the necessary revisions. In creating the final product of this illustration I have to use Adobe Illustrator. I am allowed to use gradient fills, flat fills, and blends as necessary  to add to the illustration if I wish.


Typography in Graphic Design

For my first assignment in graphic design I had to create six unique page compositions using type provided to me by my professor. The goal of the project was to look at the type not in terms of the letters or words, but as  abstract compositional elements. I had absolutely so much fun working on this assignment. It reminded how much I enjoyed typography when I took it at Winthrop University. There were a vast number of ways of completing this project. I saw so many interesting and unique compositions created by my classmates. Here are two of the designs that I came up with that I really liked.

Updated Actomyosin Cross-bridge Cycle

Today we had our final critique in my Anatomical Visualization class for our last project. I got very valuable feedback from my classmates and my professor, and I decided to change a few of the things they mentioned. This image is the updated version of my actomyosin cross-bridge cycle.

Actomyosin Cross-bridge Cycle

For my final project in anatomical visualization I have to illustrate the actomyosin cross-brige cycle. The professional audience and how I illustrate it are all up to me, but a requirement for the project is to illustrate the normal actomyosin cycle. I  chose to complete  my project in illustrator.

This project  has required a lot of research just to brush up on my knowledge of the actomyosin cross-bridge cycle, and to make sure that I have incorporated what is necessary for the project. I found numerous resources that were very informative and easy to understand.

Here is my design for the project. It may change after I go through critique on Tuesday.