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Line illustrations

I have completed my line illustrations of my zebrafish and newt that go with my heart illustrations. They were both very fun to draw and even more fun to look at in photographs to see just how colorful they can be.

Zebrafish and Newt


Heart Illustrations

As part of my independent study and project research I am creating line drawings of the hearts of five different species. These five include a sea squirt, hagfish, zebrafish, newt, and mouse. Each of them are related to each other by the fact that they all fall within the phylum Chordata, of which we are also a member of. For each species I am creating a line drawing of the animals themselves,  a volumetric rendering of each heart, and a cross-section of each heart. I have completed everything except for the line drawings of the zebrafish, and the newt. I have really enjoyed learning about each different species, and how unique each one is to the other.


Assignment 2 Complete: Iliofemoral Endarterectomy

I have finally completed my second assignment in my Surgical Illustration class. Just to state again an iliofemoral endarterectomy is a procedure to remove a blockage of plaque from the femoral artery to improve blood flow.

Overall, I really like how my illustration turned out, though there are small details that I would like to fix at some point in the future.

Surgical Instruments Completed

I have finally completed all three of my surgical instruments for my surgical orientation class. So below is my retractor, Adson forceps, and my gloved hand holding a pair of scissors. The gloved hand had its own trials to over come in trying to make the hand look like it had a glove, and not including too many wrinkles that would make it look baggy. Overall, I like how each surgical instrument turned out.

Surgical Instruments

For my Surgical Orientation class we have to illustrate three surgical instruments of our choosing. Of the three instruments one has to be in a foreshortened view, one must include a gloved hand, and the last must be an instrument that has a box lock in a three-quarter view. I have chosen to illustrate Adson forceps, a retractor, and a pair of scissors. So far I have done the forceps, and the retractor. I just need to get a pair of gloves to do my pair of scissors with a gloved hand.

Cross Section of the Eye

Here is the finished line drawing of my eye with labels and its blood supply. Certain aspects of this line drawing have taken much longer then I initially thought, but over all I am pleased with the end result. My goal now is to play with color for the eye.

Clinical Sciences

In my clinical sciences class our first assignment is to create a line or color illustration of a cross-section of the eye in Adobe Illustrator. This is the beginning line drawing of my eye. I will probably add color once I am completely finished with the line drawing.

Assignment 2: Illustration Techniques Completed

Here is my final illustration for my second assignment in my Illustration Techniques class. Through the critique on Tuesday there are a few things that I need to work on the improve my illustration. The layout of my composition itself needs some work, and I have a few ideas that I will try out to improve it. Since I am going home soon I think I will take reference photos, and drawings of my family in the various positions required for this operation. I know that this will help me out a lot more than just watching videos and trying to draw from them. My undergrad professor always used to tell me that a good reference helps out tremendously for every illustration.


2nd Illustration Techniques Assignment

This is the beginning of my second assignment for my Illustration techniques class.  For this assignment I have to create a series of illustrations, 3 steps minimum, depicting a diagnostic or therapeutic medical process or non-surgical procedure. I decided to depict an Esophagogastroduodenoscopy. The word is a mouthful to say, but it is also known as an Upper endoscopy or a Gastroscopy. I have gone through different versions of orienting my steps on the page and so far I like this setup. Once I talk with my professor and get feedback from him and my classmates I will make the necessary revisions. In creating the final product of this illustration I have to use Adobe Illustrator. I am allowed to use gradient fills, flat fills, and blends as necessary  to add to the illustration if I wish.