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More Figures

More figures from the Figure Drawing session on Monday. I had a great time, and the model did a great job.


Assignment 2 Complete: Iliofemoral Endarterectomy

I have finally completed my second assignment in my Surgical Illustration class. Just to state again an iliofemoral endarterectomy is a procedure to remove a blockage of plaque from the femoral artery to improve blood flow.

Overall, I really like how my illustration turned out, though there are small details that I would like to fix at some point in the future.

Assignment 2: Surgical Illustration

In my surgical illustration class the second assignment is to create an academic surgical illustration of a surgery that we observed in the operating room. I decided to illustrate an Iliofemoral Endarterectomy. This procedure is done to remove plaque that has formed in the femoral artery. This surgery was incredibly interesting to me to observe. We learn all about the body and more in our anatomy class, but to see the arteries, veins, and muscles on a living person to me is still very fascinating.

Below is the finalized layout for my illustration, but I am still working on rendering the illustration itself. So what I have is not fully set in stone, and may change as I continue to work on it.

Figure Drawing

I really enjoy figure drawing even though I have gotten so rusty at drawing the figure. Below are some of my sketches from a figure drawing session that I went to two weeks ago, and from yesterday. Our student organization SAMA hosts figure drawing sessions twice a month. I like going to these sessions not only to draw the figure, but it is so nice to draw something that has nothing to do with any project that I am currently working on.

Updated Medical Icons

These are my updated medical icons from the small critique that we had in class today. I have to agree that the changes were necessary. It has been very interesting seeing how these icons developed from a vague concept to the finished product. Images and ideas that did not at first seem relevant actually helped in the development process in the end. Overall, I really like the way that my medical icons came out.