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Updated Actomyosin Cross-bridge Cycle

Today we had our final critique in my Anatomical Visualization class for our last project. I got very valuable feedback from my classmates and my professor, and I decided to change a few of the things they mentioned. This image is the updated version of my actomyosin cross-bridge cycle.


Actomyosin Cross-bridge Cycle

For my final project in anatomical visualization I have to illustrate the actomyosin cross-brige cycle. The professional audience and how I illustrate it are all up to me, but a requirement for the project is to illustrate the normal actomyosin cycle. I  chose to complete  my project in illustrator.

This project  has required a lot of research just to brush up on my knowledge of the actomyosin cross-bridge cycle, and to make sure that I have incorporated what is necessary for the project. I found numerous resources that were very informative and easy to understand.

Here is my design for the project. It may change after I go through critique on Tuesday.