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Ovarian Cysts

For our third assignment in surgical illustration our goal was to create one full color illustration for any type of digital media. We were given the options of creating a PowerPoint presentation for teaching, sales training or marketing; 2D or 3D animation for trade show, courtroom or web; interactive Flash module for education or marketing; application for handheld device. We had to organize, define, and sketch the structure of the program as if presenting to a client, including a color palette and style frames.

The surgery that I viewed was a laparoscopic hysterectomy. I decided to create a PowerPoint presentation that teaches women about the reasons behind a hysterectomy. While there are many reasons for a hysterectomy I decided to focus on ovarian cysts. Below is the initial sketch that I drew from surgery along with my layout, and the final rendering of my illustration.


New Semester

I am officially two weeks into my second semester here at the Univeristy of Illinois at Chicago. Within these past two weeks I already know that I will be very busy this semester. So far I am enjoying all of my classes, though I would prefer not to be taking some online classes. I see the necessity and relevance of them, but I have come to find that I prefer to learn in a classroom setting.

I am very excited to be taking an Illustration Techniques class this semester. I’m looking forward to learning a variety of techniques that I can apply to my drawings. Another class that I am really enjoying right now is my Computer Visualization class. In this class I am learning how to use 3ds Max. It has been both fun and frustrating so far, but by in large I really fun.

My goal this semester is to use my time more efficiently, and to approach each project and assignment with an open mind.

The end of anatomy

Monday was the official last day of gross anatomy lecture and lab. Today we had a practice practical for the final practical that will be on friday. I’m happy and yet sad that my gross anatomy class is over. I will not miss the hours of studying and reading, but I will miss dissecting. It was so fascinating to learn and see the very things that make the body work. That experience itself to me was worth it all.

I will forever grateful to all the people who donated their bodies for the sake of increasing the knowledge of others.

Birthday Celebration and Brain Cake

So last night I celebrated my birthday with the ladies in my graduate program. We went to a live jazz bar which was really nice. That was my first time listening to live jazz. I really enjoyed it, and I would love to go again.

This brain cake was made by Amie, and it was delicious. She even put the type of candles on the cake that don’t easily blow out. So it took me a while to blow out all the candles. The cake it self got a lot of attention from random people who came into the building, which I just found hilarious. I wonder if any of the people who saw the cake realized it’s in the shape of a brain.

All in all I had a great time last night and I appreciate everyone who helped me celebrate my birthday.

At this point about half of the cake was already eaten.

Birthday Flowers!

Today is my birthday!!!! My mom sent me a bouquet of red roses that totally caught me off guard, but made me very happy. I’ve been getting happy birthday text and calls all day. Of course, my dad was the first one to call me early this morning. I am truly blessed and thankful to God to have my family, so many good friends, and another year of life. I can’t believe that I’m another year older already. 

My new best friend for the next month

In my gross anatomy class we are starting the final section that focuses on the head and neck. So, today I received a skull box. My instructor told the whole class that we will be spending so much time with our skull that it will essentially become our significant other. This made me laugh, but I definitely believe it. I’m looking forward to learning about the head and neck for the next few weeks.

(This skull is the property of the University of Illinois at Chicago)

Juried Art Exhibition

On September 25th I was apart of the Moja Arts festival juried art exhibition. The Moja Arts festival is held every year in Charleston, SC and is a celebration of African-American and Caribbean arts. There are a wide range of activities that are held during the Moja Arts Festival. I am a native of Charleston, SC so I was absolutely ecstatic to be a part of the festival this year.

This painting is a depiction of the drummers that participate in a dance known as Abang. This dance is native only to the Ibibio tribe in the Akwa Ibom State of Nigeria. The purpose of this dance along with all Nigerian dances is to preserve and reflect the history and culture of the tribe. My father was my source and inspiration for creating my paintings, which gave me a wonderful chance to learn more about him and the tribe that I am a part of.

Here is a short description of the dance.

The dance is done by a group of four or five girls between the ages of four to sixteen years old. Two or three boys accompany the girls by playing the drums behind them. The oldest girl is considered the main abang. She is the essence of womanhood and the mother of the group. The whole group goes from house to house dancing, singing, and playing the drums. By doing so they are uplifting each household. In return the group is given gifts by the families of each household. These gifts are usually in the form of money, and placed in a plate on the ground. Abang is held every year during the Ukabade Isua, which means the end or turn of the year. Since the acceptance of Christianity in to the culture it is now held during Christmas time.

I created a small illustrated book to describe the dance. So this painting is just one of the several paintings that gives a glimpse of the dance . My interpretation my not be fully accurate, but I know that my father was greatly touched and really enjoyed book.

My first post

I am a first year graduate student at UIC in the Biomedical Visualization program. I have experienced many new things in just moving to Chicago to go to school. Dissecting a cadaver in my anatomy class has been one of those new experiences. I have done several dissections in biology classes as an undergraduate, but never an actual cadaver. It is strange to dissect another human being, but even so I continue to find myself fascinated by all that we are discovering. I will be forever grateful to the person who donated their body for the sake of increasing my knowledge of the human body, and I will treat their body with the respect that they deserve.