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Ulnar Nerve Compression via a Synovial Cyst

For our last project in surgical illustration we were to create a color illustration meant for print. The surgery that I viewed was a ulnar nerve decompression. What I did not know until they cut it was that the patient’s ulnar nerve was being compressed by a synovial cysts. So, within my illustration rather than showing an actual step in the illustration I decided to compare normal anatomy and the abnormal anatomy of the compression. Another aspect of the project was that if we decided to place it within or on the cover of a journal we had to find an actual article in existence to use as reference. My audience is a medical audience, and I decided that I would like this to be placed on the cover of the American Journal of Orthopedics.

The process of creating the illustration changed from beginning to end. I began with wanting the arm bent and having a cross-section of the abnormality. After review and advice from my peers and professor I changed to the current illustration. Overall, I really enjoyed creating this illustration.

Ulnar Nerve Compression