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Fun in Modo

In my maya class we are learning how to use Modo, another 3D program. In our last class we learned about using motion blur, and volume objects. So below is an image of a torus with a volume sphere applied to it, and a vein procedural applied to the volume sphere. The image below it is working with creating motion blur. I find that I like Modo though learning another program can be frustrating at times.

Furry Torus Motion Blur


Inprogress Zebrafish Illustration

My current project in my independent study is to create an illustration with zebrafish as the focus, and to include its heart in the illustration. Zebrafish are very interesting in that they can regenerate damaged sections of their hearts. Another interesting thing about them is their coloring. They are beautiful! Males are gold with blue stripes, and females are silver with blue stripes.

I am still working on my illustration. I feel that the male zebrafish is way too yellow. So, I need to work on fixing him, and then move on to fixing the sea grass and the ground. Overall, I do think the illustration is coming along well.

Inprogess Zebrafish Illustration

ZBrush Exercise in SSS

The goal for this exercise in my independent study  was to work with subsurface scattering (SSS) within ZBrush. I decided to created another hagfish, and have it in laying in a coil. Using SSS in ZBrush was something completely new to me. I know how to work with SSS in both 3ds Max and Maya, but not ZBrush. It was not particularly hard to work with, but it’s not exactly the same as the other programs. After getting the coloration that I wanted I did a series of render passes in ZBrush and composited my renders in photoshop. The work with SSS is complete, but I would still like to create a scene for the hagfish to be placed in. I did create a scene in Maya with underwater caustics, but I need to do it over. For now I included the reflection of the water surface on the hagfish, and will at some point fully complete it.

I really enjoyed this exercise and learning more about ZBrush.

Hagfish using SSS

Figure Drawing Session

More figure drawings from a session held yesterday afternoon.

Line illustrations

I have completed my line illustrations of my zebrafish and newt that go with my heart illustrations. They were both very fun to draw and even more fun to look at in photographs to see just how colorful they can be.

Zebrafish and Newt

Heart Illustrations

As part of my independent study and project research I am creating line drawings of the hearts of five different species. These five include a sea squirt, hagfish, zebrafish, newt, and mouse. Each of them are related to each other by the fact that they all fall within the phylum Chordata, of which we are also a member of. For each species I am creating a line drawing of the animals themselves,  a volumetric rendering of each heart, and a cross-section of each heart. I have completed everything except for the line drawings of the zebrafish, and the newt. I have really enjoyed learning about each different species, and how unique each one is to the other.