2.5D Animation

As an exercise in my Advanced Imaging  class we had to take the molecular landscape that we created in Computer Visualizations last semester and create a small 2.5D animation in Adobe After Effects. A 2.5D animation is taking 2D images or photographs and making them appear as if they are in 3D space. Each piece of our landscape had to be on its own layer. A problem that arose was the fact that I did not save each layer individually. So, I had to go back into 3ds Max and render the different pieces of my landscape. From there I brought the pieces back into Photoshop and place them how I wanted them. Once I was completely done with my composition I imported my Photoshop file into Adobe After Effects.

For me working in Adobe After Effects was trail and error. I watched a few tutorials, but I was still frustrated at times. I learned a lot through my frustrations and errors, and I am happy with my small 2.5D animation. Please click on the link below to view my animation.

2.5D Molecular Landscape Animation


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