Cross Section of the Eye

Here is the finished line drawing of my eye with labels and its blood supply. Certain aspects of this line drawing have taken much longer then I initially thought, but over all I am pleased with the end result. My goal now is to play with color for the eye.


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  1. Faisal Syed on

    Hey there,

    Our research lab would like to use this image in order to mark out the cuts we use in gross dissection of eyes in our database systems. This is in order to standardise the information and make it easier for clinicians to provide their insight into the pathology present in the eyes we study.

    If possible we would like to use a non-watermarked image and we can look into financing for this image if later required.

    Yours Sincerely,

    • aeantiaobong on

      Hello and Good Evening,

      Thank you for your interest in wanting to use my illustration. I would be happy to let you use my image. My price for this illustration starts at $175 depending on any additional way you would use the illustration outside of the database. Please let me know if that would work for you, and if you would like to move forward. Thank you, and have a wonderful evening.

      Amami Antia-Obong

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