Arteries/Veins of Head-Completed

Arteries and Veins of the Head (some excluded)

Arranged the drawings as if they were part of an atlas. Some arteries and veins have been excluded or unnamed.


Arteries and veins of the head (In progress)

Branching of Jugulars Branching of Carotids

Bronchiole/Alveoli Illustration

Bronchiole/Alveoli Illustration

Completed Acute Endocarditis Illustration

Acute Bacterial Endocarditis

In progress Acute Endocarditis Illustration

The continuation of one of my rough sketches in Photoshop. The illustration is showing acute endocarditis infection of the valves of the heart by the bacteria Staphylococcus aureus, which results in the formation of vegetations. Vegetations are a mass of platelets, fibrin, microcolonies of microorganisms, and some inflammatory cells.

The illustration is not done yet. I am still deciding on coloration, and I need to work on adding  more value in some areas.

Color_Acute Endocarditis

Rough Sketches

A few rough sketches from a series of illustrations that I have begun working on.


Hagfish Animation

My final animation from my Maya II class of hagfish finding their food. Please click on the link to view the video.

Hagfish Animation

Sea Squirt Animation

My completed project research animation showing the adult heart of Ciona intestinalis, commonly called sea squirt. Please click on the link below.

Sea Squirt Animation

Completed Newt Illustration

I have completed my newt illustration. My professor had some great suggestions to improve my illustration, most of which I implemented within my illustration. One suggestion that I really liked was adding a light effect in Photoshop to the illustration. I did not know that light effects existed in Photoshop, and I really like how adding that light provides a central focus to the illustration.

Newt Illustration

Sea Squirt Animation

Since last October I have been working on my Master’s thesis project. For my project I am creating an animation in Maya that depicts Ciona intestinalis, a sea squirt, under water, and then zooms in to show aspects of its heart. This has been my first time really trying to create an animation. I am relatively done with the animation expect for a few minor things. Below are a few screen shots of my models and animation. I will upload the animation once it is fully complete.

Just to note I took artistic license to make things more pronounced and distinctive on my sea squirt models. So, some things may not be completely accurate.